About us.

About Softex Company

Softex Company is an expert provider of IT services and solutions for your business, by a team of highly-skilled professionals covering all areas of IT, and collaborators experts in the fields of marketing and management. Softex offers its clients a comprehensive package of technical consultancy customized to their respective business areas. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies, innovative thinking and excellent understanding of business, Softex develops and implements first-class optimal solutions to the most complex requirements of product development and outsourcing, resulting in long-term value added to our clients’ business.
We are a Romanian software company founded in 2001, with 15 years of experience on the business software solutions market. We have a significant portfolio of major projects successfully implemented, based on a thorough and professional approach, covering all SDLC stages: analysis, software design, implementation, integration and testing, deployment, maintenance and technical support.
In 2003, Softex Company became a Microsoft Certified Partner and an active participant in numerous IT symposiums and debates. Over the years, we have built a professional and dynamic team of dedicated IT experts, able to understand and anticipate the needs of our clients and address their most challenging requirements and expectations.
Starting with 2006, our scope of expertise has expanded to Enterprise Applications (ERP, CMS, BPM) developed using Java technologies.
Since 2013, we have extended our focus to the development of in-house products in the fields of Insurance and Health software.

Softex has ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.

Values and mission

Our values represent who we are and strive every day to be,
mirroring the human qualities of the services we offer, and not the technology we use.

We value quality, creativity and passion for the work we do.

We value teamwork, a good communication flow and mutual respect.

We value commitment and developing a close and reliable relationship with our clients and partners.

Softex Company is determined to be an essential player of the IT industry, by promoting and maintaining a thorough, professional and responsible approach to every project, no matter its complexity.

Softex ensures Software Excellence and is the trustworthy long-term partener you need.