Client application software development and integration

While we adjust to the client requirements regarding the collaboration methodology, we generally use an agile approach of the development cycle. As such, while following all product development phases, we make it more adaptive and enable to release a product after each cycle. Having a customer-centric approach and using an agile product development methodology, we strive to reach a better governance of the innovation process and achieve a sustainable product differentiation on the market. Due to the good collaboration and relations developed during the implementation, we provided maintenance and continuous improvement of the software delivered after the main projects ended for most of our clients.


Our outsourcing branch’s main goal is to provide the services our clients need by offering two important advantages: Our team is made up of fully qualified engineers, so the quality we provide is at least as good as what our clients can find in their national market and much better than outsourced solutions in other countries. We work together with our clients to identify the appropriate solutions and select the best personnel either from our existing team, or by recruiting new talent from the prolific market of Cluj-Napoca. We integrate our engineers into the client's existing development team or we create new teams depending on the client's needs. We always remain flexible, transparent and provide a customized outsourced service for each of our clients.

Own products development

For each product developed in-house, we created a team around a specialist in that area of expertise, so that our software is customized to the potential market. When developing a software product, we define product vision and translate requirements into design. Then code is produced according to the design, while attempting to accomplish all of the requirements that were set forth within the previous stage. After technical development, the product is tested in order to assess its effectiveness and functionality. Once the software product is out on the market, we keep it usable in a changing environment and improve its performance and maintainability according to market conditions. Enhancements are made to ensure the product’s standards always meet customers’ expectations.